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Check out our coaching videos to learn how to help others tell their story of self, us, now and linking!  


Dos and Don'ts of Public Narrative

Coaching isn't easy or natural. When we are helping others, we tend to avoid critiquing, tell others what to do rather than ask questions, and talk rather than listen. This video will show you how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of ineffective coaching and provide a model for effective coaching of a story of self.


Coaching Story of Self

A compelling story of self shows us why you care about the work you do now by taking us into a *moment* of *challenge* in your past where you made a *choice* that led to an *outcome* which informs the work you do today. An effective story of self often takes us to an *origin story* where we learn why you developed the values that inspire you to do your work today, and where your hope comes from.


Story of Us 

This video will show you how to coach your group through developing a story of us.  A Story of Us builds on the Story of Self by showing the speaker's constituency why they care about the issue. This part of public narrative takes us into moments of shared challenge and shared hope that resonate with the community. It reminds us of our values that motivate us to action.


Story of Now

This video will show you how to coach your group to develop your Story of Now.  The Story of Now is critical for using storytelling to motivate people to action. You've already used your Story of Self and Us to help your constituency to feel a sense of its shared values. Now you must motivate them to act by naming a specific "ask" that is clear, specific, measurable, visible, and collective. The Story of Now shows others why action is urgently needed. People don't take time out of their busy schedules to volunteer unless they believe the cause is urgent and important.


Linked Narrative

This video will show you how to coach one of your team members to develop their full "linked" public narrative in order to make it as powerful and effective as possible.  A full, "linked" public narrative is a story that includes a Story of Self, Story of Us, and Story of Now that are all strongly linked and build upon each other. The narrative does not need to flow exactly in this order, but it should incorporate all three elements.