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A one-to-one meeting is a core skill for all organizers. Luis Avila teaches about three types of 1-1s: Connecting (meeting with a new person), Checking In (meeting with one of your team members), and Empowering (giving one of your team members more responsibility).

The Art of the 1:1 Conversation - Connecting

In this video, we'll see an example of a Connect 1-1. Watch as the organizer establishes a relationship, asks open-ended questions to find out about the person's values, shares some of her story, listens more than she speaks, and has a hard ask at the end.

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The Art of the 1:1 Conversation - Checking in

It is ideal to do 1-1s in person. But in today's fast-moving world, technology is our next best option. In this video, we'll see an example of a "Check-in" 1-1 done through an online video chat. An organizer will be following up with one of her team members who is working to plan a phone-bank training. Notice how she opens the conversation with a personal check-in, sets an agenda for the 1-1, coaches him through organizing tactics through constructive feedback, and summarizes the takeaways from the call.