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Leadership: Story, Structure, and Strategy

Resistance School is providing sessions on leadership development for the Fall of 2017.  This track will provide a foundation of skills and knowledge, which will enable you to tell an authentic story of self, build relationships in your community, effectively structure your team, craft an achievable theory of change, and strategically map how you will achieve your change.

Organizing and Mobilizing Tactics

Resistance School will build off the leadership sessions from Fall of 2017 with sessions on best practice organizing and mobilizing tactics.  Stay tuned for these sessions in 2018.

Communicating for Social Change

Resistance School will provide sessions on how to communicate for social change.  Stay tuned for these sessions in 2018..


Winning Elections

This course will build upon the previous sessions and will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to organize for 2018 local, state, and federal progressive victories.