How to Structure and Build Capacity for Action


Below you will find readings chosen by our Session Three speaker, the legendary organizer, Marshall Ganz. 

All of the readings have been selected by the session’s speaker and do not reflect policy positions of the Resistance School.

Full Session Three Syllabus


Exodus, Chapter 18

Marshall Ganz will use the Bible as a shared frame of reference to explore the concept of distributed leadership models. In Chapter 18 of Exodus, upon seeing Moses interacting with the Hebrew people as their one judge, Moses' father Jethro teaches him to empower others to lead and collectively share the burden of acting as judge. Marshall will use this same principle to train us in structuring powerful leadership teams.


Structuring Leadership

Structuring Leadership Reading

Marshall's own organizing notes provide insight into the question of what is leadership and what makes for effective leadership teams. He discusses different models of team structure and details a cycle of leadership development.


Leading Change: Leadership, Organization, and Social Movements

Leading Change Reading

Leadership is accepting the responsibility for enabling others to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty, Marshall Ganz writes. In this chapter, Professor Ganz explores the key leadership practices of relationship building, story telling, devising strategy, and catalyzing action in the context of social movements.