How to Mobilize and Organize our Communities

Session Two (April 12th, 2017)

Sara El-Amine


Sara El-Amine (@sara_ela) is one of the foremost leaders on grassroots and digital advocacy in the world. A nine-year veteran of the Obama grassroots movement, El-Amine was most recently the Executive Director of President Obama’s advocacy arm, OFA, where she mobilized OFA’s 250 local chapters on issues of the day ranging from implementation of the Affordable Care Act, to Gun Violence Prevention, to Immigration Reform, to Marriage Equality, to Climate Change, raised over $20 million in major dollar and grassroots funds, and oversaw the creation of digital content for President Obama’s 83 million-person following Twitter handle @Barackobama and 60 million-person following Facebook Page. 

Sara is best known for the techniques and tactics she pioneered during the 2012 election as the National Director of Training for President Obama’s re-election campaign which massively scaled access to grassroots programming without sacrificing quality. Her work linking online engagement to offline activism has been highlighted in several academic journals, and she is the topic of a case study taught as standard curriculum at Harvard Business School.

She’s worked mid-term and Presidential elections in 37 US States and dozens of state and national issue and electoral campaigns. El-Amine is also the author of the Obama Organizing Handbook, used throughout President Obama’s two terms in office to which codified the Obama grassroots model to 20,000 neighborhood teams, 10,000 fellows, and 5000 staff. Passionate about bridging the gap between academia and the advocacy world, she has served as an Adjunct Professor at University of Chicago’s Harris Graduate School of Public Policy.  El-Amine is on the boards of Inclusv, the foremost diversity staffing non-profit in the progressive space, OFA, and the Barack H. Obama Foundation Training Advisory Committee. 

She currently runs a training and consulting practice out of San Francisco, where she and her team help Fortune 500 companies, civic tech startups, and new grassroots groups scale their programming and deepen their engagement while improving their impact, using tactics that are consistent with the values of outcomes.  Named a Womenetics POW! Woman of the year in 2015, Rockwood Leading-from-the-Inside-Out fellow, ACCESS Arab American Leader of the Year, UN Women 50-50 by 2030 leader, and Rockefeller Foundation Future Cities Accelerator Mentor, El-Amine continues to be recognized as a global leader in developing innovative training and advocacy tactics that expand citizen’s access to their democracies in entirely new ways.