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Why is Resistance School live-streamed?

Resistance School is about community. We’re asking you to convene a group to watch together and work as a community to take action - both locally and nationally. During our sessions, we’ll connect members of the Resistance to one another through a nationwide classroom and real-time conversation. Speakers will provide interactive breakout sessions to allow your group to practice skills and develop plans that fit your local context. We’ll feed questions from the virtual audience back to the speaker to tailor our syllabus to your needs. Convening live across the country, we’ll build the energy we need to move forward together.

After each session, we encourage your group to spend time as a community: stay and chat, plan your action, grab a bite, and build the relationships we need to take back America.

Have questions or suggestions during the session? Send us an email. Tweet us. We’d love to hear from you.

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Resistance School is building a national network committed to in-person collective action. To help us build that network, can you find a group of 5 or more people to join you for the upcoming 4 sessions ? (Read more about this on our website) *

How Does Resistance School Work:

  • Join us online for each session.

    We will livestream each Resistance School session online for participants to tune into in real-time, so you can watch from anywhere nationwide.

    Your participation can take many forms. Are you a member of a local Indivisible group? Have you and your friends been discussing how to start engaging politically? Are you part of a congregation, student club, or neighborhood group and are looking for tools to strengthen your organizing? Use Resistance School as an opportunity to convene for a few hours throughout April to learn more about how to organize and mobilize your community behind the issues you care about, and develop a plan of action.

    While we believe in the power of technology, we believe that the resistance also requires our building community face-to-face. To that end, we encourage people to watch the online sessions together in person. Feel free to invite 5 friends over to tune into Resistance School by huddling over a laptop in your living room, or gather 100 community members in a local auditorium to watch the sessions on a projector. Resistance School will look different to each group, and we’re here to help you brainstorm how best to make it work for you.

    Rather than offer standalone events, the goal of Resistance School is to develop a comprehensive set of skills over the course of the month. We’ve designed the four sessions in April as a curriculum, with each one building off the previous. We strongly encourage you to tune in to all four so that you can walk away with a balanced resistance toolkit.

  • Sign up your remote group here.

    Here’s the session schedule:

    Wednesday, April 5, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. EST: Communicating our values in political advocacy, featuring Tim McCarthy

    Wednesday, April 12, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. EST: Mobilizing and organizing our communities, featuring Sara El-Amine

    Thursday, April 20, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. EST: Structuring and building capacity for action, featuring Marshall Ganz

    Thursday April 27, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. EST: Sustaining the resistance long-term, featuring Michael Blake

    Sign up above to register your group and we’ll follow up with you regarding Resistance School updates. Don't forget to tune in to our website or Facebook page during the above times to watch each session live. If you can't make the times listed above, the videos and detailed session summaries will be posted to our website immediately after each session ends.

Resistance School is an independently organized project developed by students at Harvard University. It is not an official course or offering of Harvard University or any of its schools.

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