How to Mobilize and Organize our Communities


Taking Strategic Action Now Worksheet

The goal of this worksheet is to use the themes discussed in Session Two to work with your team to build on your shared values in assessing the landscape of your community and your team’s own resources. 

This quick exercise will help prepare your group for Session Three (How to Structure and Build Capacity for Action) by starting to strategize around your area of focus and what that means for your team’s commitments and next steps. Your area of focus may relate to an issue you want to advocate for, or an upcoming election.

Last week you grounded your team in the values that brought you to the Resistance School. This week, we’re asking: What do these values mean for how you want to make change in the world? What opportunities exist in those areas of focus? And how will your team begin engaging in the community on these areas of focus?

This work will be iterative and ongoing - strategize is a verb, not a noun! While the answers you arrive at this week may change in the future, we hope you will share with us in the survey what you learned from the experience of strategizing together for collective action.

Click here to access the Taking Strategic Action Now Worksheet.


For more detailed support in leading these conversations, check out our Conversation Guide for Individuals, and our Conversation Guide for Teams.