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How to Communicate our Values in Political Advocacy


Values Worksheet

The goal of this worksheet is to use the themes discussed in Session One to work with your group in order to identify your shared values and the issues you want to organize behind. This quick exercise will help prepare your group for Session Two (How to Mobilize and Organize our Communities) by creating a foundation for values-based communication that works for you. 

We know some of you may be affiliated with existing organizations, while others are tuning in with a group of friends - what values motivate your resistance?

Take a look at the examples of values statements featured below to help guide your thinking. Your statements should resonate for you and your group, so feel free to be creative in terms of length and content! We'll be showcasing the values statements and advocacy issues from the thousands of Resistance School participants nationwide in order to capture what's driving all of you and advance  our collective learning.

Example of Value Statement

Indivisible Guide (excerpt):  We believe that protecting our values, our neighbors, and ourselves will require mounting a similar resistance to the Trump agenda — but a resistance built on the values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness. Trump is not popular. He does not have a mandate. He does not have large congressional majorities. If a small minority in the Tea Party could stop President Obama, then we the majority can stop a petty tyrant named Trump. (Full statement available here.)